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What's been happening on set

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What's been happening on set since our Christmas break? Well knowing that my unit has finished its episodes (so we cant be seen in anymore scenes) i've been tagging along with the other units doing back ground actions. We've been filming more battle scenes where i've been firing the machine gun on a rocky hill side, running around firing my M1 grand into a cave then have the men around me throw a grenade into the cave to take it over, also been running past the main cast with the machine gun while gun fire hits around us.

The last two weeks my unit (1/7) has been helping out on the Iwo Jima set because their set is very big with a lot of background to be filled. So the last few days we've had 160 extra marines to teach the basics and keep everything in order. The set is filled with black sand that is very hard to run in. We've been having to crawl up the sand, drag dead bodies back down, run from point A to point B, run and take a hit (die), while big explosions are going off with tanks on fire and smoke blowing over the set.

Friday, (while we were getting the 160 extras to drag bodies, run and crawl for a scene) me and 4 other guys from my unit were called up in front of the camera to take hits. Because we have been to boot camp with all the training and have been on set from the start, we were told we were getting squibbed which means we would have small exploding blood packs rip threw our clothes to emphasise us being shot. This only happens if your close to camera and if you're a stunt person but the director and Freddy Jo wanted to use us. So in the scene 5 of us are crawling through the black sand while explosions and gun fire is happening around us. We all get up to run for it when we all get fired at and we fall to the ground like a tonn of bricks. I had 1 hit on my thigh, 2 on my ankle, 1 on my shoulder and the last one was an exit shoot which went right through my right shoulder. Since we all were going down at different times we had a button to push which was up our sleeve to make the squibbes explode. The explosions didn't hurt that much, it just felt like someone giving you a quick dead leg or a dead arm. After the squibb goes off the blood pack busts through the clothing which goes everywhere including all over your face and hands. The director was happy with our falls so maybe in the future we'll get more opportunities like this. The bonus is we get paid as a stunt person for the day on top of our normal pay day, so for that day we got paid about $700.

Another highlight is that we got to watch 2 of the episodes. Today everyone from A core went over to Freddy Jo's penthouse to watch episode 2 and episode 5. These episodes are almost finished with a few shots and computer graphic images to be added. Captain Dye wanted us to see what we've done so far because on set as we're unable to see the playbacks. Episode 2 was mostly all about the unit i was with so Jess finally got to see what ive been getting up to the past 7 months. I was pointed out 5 or 6 times in 2 to 3 different scenes which was cool. The episode was amazing and it isn't even the final cut. We then watched episode 5 which is all about a different unit but i was still involved with the actions in the background. We got to see the days and hours spent on the boats and the beach landings we did in Port Douglas. Warwick was also seen in a scene were the main cast is in their tent talking while he is laying in his bed reading. Episode 5 is also half done with shots still and CGI's to be added but again everyone thought it was awesome. Hopefully in a few weeks time we'll get to see more half done episodes!

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The Great Ocean Road Tour

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Jess had arranged for my birthday present a tour along the Great Ocean Road which was at the top of our lists of things to do in Melbourne. So last Saturday morning we were up and on the bus at 8:30am. We left the city traveling through old suburbs and little surf towns on the coast of Geelong. Our first stop was at Torquay for lamingtons, biscuits and coffee. The bus driver told us that this was the best beach in Australia but personally I don’t think he has ever left Victoria if he can make a comment like that! It was pretty windy and cold so Jess and I played on the swingset, took some photos and jumped back on the bus.

Our next stop off was at Bells Beach, where they filmed the movie “Point Break” and hold the oldest surf carnival every Easter. Bells Beach isn’t much of a beach as it is more cliff and rocks but that’s probably why it makes for a good surf carnival. The rain had stopped spitting and the sun came out for us so we were able to get a few nice photos.

After Bells Beach it was a long coastal drive on the official “Ocean Road” passing through Lorne and stopping for more photo opportunities along the way. We stopped off and had lunch at Apollo Bay and then we were off to “The 12 Apostles.” This is the main highlight of the trip which we were very excited to see as we had seen pictures of it on post cards and we were keen to take our own post card photos. They call it “The 12 Apostles” but there are only 9 standing now, 3 have collapsed since they named them and of course they can’t keep changing the names everytime one collapses.

The bus pulled over at a lookout point where we took some awesome photos. We then moved down the road some more to where I surprised Jess with an early Valentines Day present - a helicopter ride over “The 12 Apostles.” Jess got to sit in the front seat of the helicopter cause she was the lightest out of the 4 and I got a window seat in the back. The flight took us over the cliffs and dropped us down low to get some amazing photos. The helicopter ride was priceless and gave us a mind blowing view.

We moved down The Great Ocean Road some more where we stopped along the shipwreck coast at Loch Ard Gorge. This is where two people got washed up after a ship wreak 100’s of years ago and I think it’s where they filmed part of the movie “The Pirate Movie”.

We kept traveling down the road stopping at more lookouts and seeing more rock formations. We had a last chance stop for food at Port Campbell and then visited the remains of "London Bridge." London Bridge was once connected to the cliffs but a few years ago a group of people jumped the boundaries and walked out along the cliff having it collapse after them leaving them stranded on the arch out in the ocean. Pretty interesting story and pretty cool to see what they would have been stranded on for 4 hours until rescuers came!
At this point it was about 6 or 7pm so the tour ended and we traveled back to Melbourne after a long day of sight seeing.

Thanks Jess for a wonderful birthday present.

We've once again reached our photo upload limit but Jess has loaded all the pictures onto her Facebook which if you copy and the paste the address site below you should be able to see. The first link are the main Great Ocean Road photos and the second link are photos from the helicopter ride.


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My New Years Eve Movie!

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Christmas & New Years in Sydney

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Well we have been told it has been awhile since we last updated the blog, and seeing as our last entry was when we first moved to Melbourne we have to agree! Unfortunately we can't upload all our pics in one hit as we have a monthly upload limit so we've put some on for now and we will add more next month :(

Quick and brief update prior to the festive season:

I got a job at the NAB head office as a PA to the General Manager in Group Strategic Business Services & Risk Asset Review. Quite a mouthful I know! I started before Christmas and have only worked there for 3 days (due to pre-booked holidays) but it seems like a really good job and they only need me until May which works out perfect coz i will be heading back to Brisbane early June. Plus it's the next street over and 2 blocks up so it's close by too.

Brian has been out working at the Yu Yangs for the pacific production, plus filming around town. They filmed a bar scene close by to the city which I was able to go and watch, plus they had a few days filming at a local football ground. They've filmed about 3 or 4 episodes already, so this year should be pretty easy for them in getting everything wrapped by June.

Ok, now on to Sydney.


Brian and I headed to Sydney to spend time with his family at his brothers place in Homebush. We were there for 10 days and spent our time drinking, bowling, sight seeing, bridge climbing (brian, warwick and their dad), taking photos of the boys doing the bridge climb (just me), going to Bondi Beach, playing with our Christmas presents and of course celebrating the New Year. It was the first Christmas I had spent away from my family and the first Christmas I can remember spending with a jumper on! Luckily the weather picked up for Boxing Day and it was warm sunny weather from there on.

Brian and I bought his dad a ticket to walk over the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Boxing Day, and he and Warwick joined him on the climb. I wasn't doing the climb with them ( I was a little chicken plus couldn't afford it) but decided to take photos of them from different points around the bridge. I was able to get a free pass up to the Bridge Pylon where I could take photos of them climbing the arch. The boys started their adventure around midday where they had a safety brief and were told what to expect. Then they started their climb. The climb starts off with an easy walk along the structure while the guide is telling the group (through their microphones & head pieces) about the history and surroundings of the bridge. A few facts told were how many men died making the bridge - 16, and about a guy who was buried alive in the pylon due to falling into the cement mix while it was being built. The walk then takes you straight towards the pylon and out to the water where you climb up stairs which leads up to the road and then up again to the arch. The Sydney to Hobart Yacht race was on while they were climbing so there were lots of boats in the harbour that day which made for good viewing and a nice background in their photos. Once you get to the top the guide takes photos of the group reaching the top and then the decent down begins. The boys said it was very enjoyable and an easy climb. The group constantly stops for breaks while the guide talks history and lets you take in the view. The whole climb took 3 and a half hours with no toilet breaks (as Rove points out in his signed photo!) After that we all went for a beer and a pizza in a nice pub at the Rocks. I don't know about them but I was pretty exhausted from running all around Sydney taking photos of them!

A few days after that my parents arrived in Sydney. Dad was working on the cricket test so mum decided to fly down with him to have a bit of a holiday plus see me for Xmas. I spent 2 nights with them and we ate out, sailed around the harbour, went to Taronga Park Zoo and did lots of shopping. The zoo was a great day and we had fantastic weather which made the view from around the park spectacular. I have never been to a zoo before with an outlook like this one! Unfortunately we went to see most of the animals around midday so naturally they were all in the shade having a snooze but we still got to see the bird show and gorilla feeding which was great. It was good to catch up with my parents again and they're coming to Melbourne for the Australian Open in a week or so, so I can see them again then.

For New Years Warwick had a friend who had an office/apartment just past Darling Harbour which looked out to the bridge and across to Luna Park. It was a great view and we were able to watch both fireworks shows whilst eating, drinking, and playing card games. It was a great night but a long trip home, as most New Years celebrations turn out to be. Brian and I have some great photos and videos of the fireworks and we are in the process of making a video on his new Mac computer he got for Christmas.

Well we are back in Melbourne now without too many hiccups. There was a baggage strike going on at the Sydney airport when we were leaving which delayed our flight by 50 minutes. They were going to fly us back with no luggage at all but we were told the problem was fixed and we were on our way. Unfortunately 20 bags did not make the flight, one of them being mine, so we had to go through the whole process of lost baggage and I finally received my suitcase at 10pm that night - hey it could have been worse i guess...

Brian and I both start back at work on Monday which we are both looking forward to in a way because work means money! Yay. Our New Years Resolution - to update the blog more often this year! We'll see how that goes hahah. Take care and we hope everyone had a great Christmas and an even better New Years!

Brian and Jess

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Melbourne - we have arrived!

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Well as most of you already know, Brian and I have arrived in Melbourne safe and sound. We've been here a week now and are completely bewildered with this city! Apart from the horrible cold weather, Melbourne can be quite confusing! It's a great city, don't get me wrong, but it has taken us awhile to get use to the tram system, where everything is and where to go etc. I'm sure we'll settle in great though. We have gotten to know the Casino very well though :)

This past week we've been house hunting like crazy. It has been so incredibly hard trying to get real estate agents to show us through properties! We have had some luck yesterday with 3 agents who did actually want to do their job, and we find out tomorrow if we are able to move into this great 2 bedroom apartment in the city right next to Docklands, so fingers crossed. We are able to move in straight away and because it is fully furnished we are pretty set to go! I'll let you know how it goes and post some piccies up if we get it.

Today is Melbourne Cup Day and Brian and I had plans to go with one of his friends to the Country Races but that fell through due to the bad weather Melbourne has been having and the track was deemed unsafe. Instead, we caught up with Shaw and Tori (from the movie), put some bets in at the TAB and went to a local pub for lunch and a few drinks. Brian has a bit of luck on the race before the Melbourne Cup and won $5. I got lucky too and put $3 on Purple Moon for a place so I ended up winning $5 too. All my 4 horses came in the top 10 which I was happy with (I normally pick losers), but I really wanted Dolphin Jo to win. What happened to Master O'Reilly being the favourite ey?

Brian starts work tomorrow and has a 6am call time. He will be working everyday for the rest of the week so that leaves me to lug all our belongings across town to wherever we move to. Hopefully Tori or Jane can help me out with moving it all coz I definately can't carry 2 suitcases, 2 backpacks and more hand luggage on my own! Tomorrow I will be harrassing more recruitment agencies in search of a temp job until I get more time to sort out what I really want to do. Hopefully Melbourne will have snapped out of their Melbourne Cup long weekend trance and actually do some work!

Ok, that's enough from me for tonight! We will keep you posted on the house/job hunting situation!

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Sailing with Jennifer Hawkins


Fraser the Sales Rep for Quicksilver (who reckons he is practically the Mayor of Port Douglas) came to see me while I was working on the boat Monday morning asking if I had any plans for my day off on Wednesday. Of course I didn’t… its Port Douglas. What else is there to do except go to the beach, shop or try and get 3 people on a windsurfer board in a swimming pool?

Anyway, what Fraser was getting at was that Doug one of the Yacht owners in Port Douglas (who every Wednesday afternoon takes a handful of guests out sailing around Port), had somehow got The Great Outdoors to come up and do a story on his Wednesday arvo sailing trips. Fraser being mates with Doug was asked to come aboard and find some people to join him on the boat while the production filmed Jennifer Hawkins doing her story. Our main job was to look like guests on board laughing, drinking and having fun.

When Jen and the camera crew turned up we were briefed on what was going to happen and away we went. They filmed us walking down the jetty at the marina and getting on the yacht. I sat next to Jen on the way out of the marina while another boat with the camera crew circled around filming us. She was really nice and seemed happy to talk to everyone and was asking me what I do for a job in Port Douglas, how long I’ve been here for etc. We then headed back into the Marina and the camera crew jumped on board the yacht to film her interviewing Doug. Us guests weren’t needed in any of these shots so we all sat at the back with our drinks and used this opportunity to take some photos.

After that little segment they filmed us all chatting to each other at the yacht club and that was pretty much a wrap. I think the whole thing took about 2 and a half hours but Jen and the crew stayed for awhile after and had a few drinks with us. She was really friendly, down to earth and seemed quite happy to sit with us and just chill out. Fraser and I got our photos taken with her and then off they went.


After the crew left we all jumped back on Doug’s yacht and sailed out towards Low Isles to see the sun set. He let us all take turns steering the boat and gave us all free drinks and cranked up the music. We got back in to the marina around 7pm and after that I headed to Four Mile Beach for a beach party between the Quickie crew celebrating Dave’s birthday and Toni’s hens night.

This Tuesday is my last day at work and then I’ll have a few days in Port to see some sights, do some packing and figure stuff out for when we arrive in Melbourne. I found out it is actually cheaper for me to fly from Cairns to Brisbane, then Brisbane to Melbourne so I will leave Cairns on the 30th, go back home for the night to change some clothes and stuff over and then reach Melbourne on the 31st. The Pacific crew have their own flights booked so Brian will be heading straight from Cairns to Melbourne on the 31st and we will meet up that night. The boys have a week in Melbourne to get everything sorted before filming starts up again so Brian and I have booked a hotel for that week and will go out during the day looking at places to rent up until June. There seems to be a few furnished apartments close to the studio in Docklands so fingers crossed they’ll all be available when we get there. I’m sure we’ll be right! :)

  • More photos of Jennifer Hawkins and Snorkeling at Agincourt Reef will be gradually added. There was a way to upload the photos in bulk but now it has to be done individually so it might take awhile. Sorry!

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