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It’s been awhile since Jess and I have written on the blog so there’s a lot to catch up on! I’ll start from about 2 weeks ago when my brother Warwick came up to work on the movie.

Warwick had been part of the movie production earlier on and helped out with interviews and cast selection so he was able to come up north and work on set for 2 weeks as part of the marine core. The first couple of days on set was pretty much stand-by and wait to be brought on set to do scenes, so it gave us both time to catch up and time for him to chat with guys he had worked with in past productions. We were lucky enough to do a couple of scenes together side by side. One scene was with us firing on the front line which in rehearsals I had to refresh his memory on firing a rifle as it had been 3 or 4 years since Warwick has used an M1 Grand. The scene was cool cause behind us a marine got his head blown up with brain splatter landing on us and an amputee got his leg blown off.

We talked about doing a scene together like in Saving Private Ryan with the brothers fighting in the war next to each other, so we were lucky enough to pull some strings and make this happen. The scene was with mass explosions with us landing on the beach. We ran from the beach edge up to the tree line with the camera following us from behind while running past guys firing around us, guys getting shot and us crawling and ducking for cover along the way. Warwick was next to me and pulled a stunt guy who had been shot into a bunker, while I was taking cover fire and reloading and then ran straight into a mortar explosion which blew me on to one leg. It was pretty forceful!

Days went by of us lying around as production did close-up shots on lead roles and shot script. The last day on set with my brother saw us laying on the beach firing at a peel-box (a big concrete slab the Japanese were in that has an opening for a machine gun to fire through while sweeping the beach to kill hundreds of marines). I was on the 30-cal machine gun while Warwick was laying a few metres away firing at the Japanese with his rifle. Once I opened up with the 30-cal everyone could hear the velocity of the 200 rounds I had fired within 30 seconds. After they had called “cut” my brother came over and said that his whole body was shaking from the vibrations of my machine gun. It was that powerful.

Throughout the time he was here we hit the pub a few times and went out for dinner plus watched some footy games.

Jess got us both on Quicksilver VIII on one of our days off. It was a pretty nice day, not the clearest of days but still nice and sunny, so the visibility under water was pretty good and we saw lots of fish.

When we hit the pontoon we went on the semi submersible (which is like a little submarine) that takes you on a tour to all the different bombies where they tell you about the coral and fish around the pontoon. After that we went for a snorkel and cause Jess was working that day she was able to join us and go snorkeling on her lunch break. The divers let her borrow an underwater camera which was pretty cool and they then burnt the pics to a disk for us (which we will be adding to the blog!).

We saw lots of colourful fish and were a bit surprised at the colours of the reef. We were expecting the bright colours like you see on TV, but it was explained to us on the sub tour that 90% of coral is brown, green and blue 10% is the more colourful stuff you see on TV. We also got to see some clams, and Jake who is a big Maori Rass that Jess always talks about. He is very large and playful and apparently lets you touch him. After our snorkel we had lunch and enjoyed some free beverages that Jess had organised for us and then headed back to Port Douglas.

The last day that Warwick was here he organised for everyone to get together for dinner at the Hogs Breath Café on the marina. It was a good night with a few drinks had and then we headed to the Courthouse for a few more drinks while watching the All Blacks play Romainia. He then headed back to Sydney the next day to get back to work but we will catch up with him again in Melbourne for the Marine Ball and also in Sydney for Christmas.

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