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What's been happening on set since our Christmas break? Well knowing that my unit has finished its episodes (so we cant be seen in anymore scenes) i've been tagging along with the other units doing back ground actions. We've been filming more battle scenes where i've been firing the machine gun on a rocky hill side, running around firing my M1 grand into a cave then have the men around me throw a grenade into the cave to take it over, also been running past the main cast with the machine gun while gun fire hits around us.

The last two weeks my unit (1/7) has been helping out on the Iwo Jima set because their set is very big with a lot of background to be filled. So the last few days we've had 160 extra marines to teach the basics and keep everything in order. The set is filled with black sand that is very hard to run in. We've been having to crawl up the sand, drag dead bodies back down, run from point A to point B, run and take a hit (die), while big explosions are going off with tanks on fire and smoke blowing over the set.

Friday, (while we were getting the 160 extras to drag bodies, run and crawl for a scene) me and 4 other guys from my unit were called up in front of the camera to take hits. Because we have been to boot camp with all the training and have been on set from the start, we were told we were getting squibbed which means we would have small exploding blood packs rip threw our clothes to emphasise us being shot. This only happens if your close to camera and if you're a stunt person but the director and Freddy Jo wanted to use us. So in the scene 5 of us are crawling through the black sand while explosions and gun fire is happening around us. We all get up to run for it when we all get fired at and we fall to the ground like a tonn of bricks. I had 1 hit on my thigh, 2 on my ankle, 1 on my shoulder and the last one was an exit shoot which went right through my right shoulder. Since we all were going down at different times we had a button to push which was up our sleeve to make the squibbes explode. The explosions didn't hurt that much, it just felt like someone giving you a quick dead leg or a dead arm. After the squibb goes off the blood pack busts through the clothing which goes everywhere including all over your face and hands. The director was happy with our falls so maybe in the future we'll get more opportunities like this. The bonus is we get paid as a stunt person for the day on top of our normal pay day, so for that day we got paid about $700.

Another highlight is that we got to watch 2 of the episodes. Today everyone from A core went over to Freddy Jo's penthouse to watch episode 2 and episode 5. These episodes are almost finished with a few shots and computer graphic images to be added. Captain Dye wanted us to see what we've done so far because on set as we're unable to see the playbacks. Episode 2 was mostly all about the unit i was with so Jess finally got to see what ive been getting up to the past 7 months. I was pointed out 5 or 6 times in 2 to 3 different scenes which was cool. The episode was amazing and it isn't even the final cut. We then watched episode 5 which is all about a different unit but i was still involved with the actions in the background. We got to see the days and hours spent on the boats and the beach landings we did in Port Douglas. Warwick was also seen in a scene were the main cast is in their tent talking while he is laying in his bed reading. Episode 5 is also half done with shots still and CGI's to be added but again everyone thought it was awesome. Hopefully in a few weeks time we'll get to see more half done episodes!

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